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Secure Your Cloud

Evident Monitoring & Compliance enables organizations to proactively manage cloud security risk — minimizing attack surface and improving overall security posture, all from a single dashboard.

Know & Control

Automated, continuous visibility and control of multicloud infrastructure security from a single pane of glass.

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Automate & Enforce

Solve issues fast with real-time alerts and workflows. One-click reports improve team efficiency.

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DevOps & SecOps

Maintain rigorous security controls while optimizing development and delivery for speed.

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Continuous Compliance That’s Evident

Real-time Compliance

By monitoring infrastructure continuously and identifying critical risks as they are introduced security & compliance are greatly improved.

One-click Reporting

One-button compliance reports document how compliance policies are followed, and eliminate arduous manual compliance assessment.

Actionable Audits

Monitor, test and report on all cloud services and provide an actionable view into all testable compliance checks.

Faster Remediation

Risks are detected and remediated quickly. Because compliance issues are addressed continuously, development teams experience less disruption.

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

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Webinar: Go Fast, Stay Secure With Evident Cloud Security

DevOps and compliance teams need an automated and frictionless approach to securing public cloud workloads.

Evident, a recent addition to the Palo Alto Networks portfolio, is designed to keep you secure in the Public Cloud by identifying potential risks and getting them resolved -- no matter how fast your team is moving.

Watch Now: Cloud Compliance is a Team Sport Webinar

Too often, organizations make the move to the cloud without considerations for how it will be in compliance. Whether you need to maintain compliance for regulatory or business obligations, it is best to go into the cloud with those requirements in mind.

In this webinar, our experts will discuss some of the common misconceptions and mistakes that are made in working toward cloud compliance. They will provide practical advice about how to get your cloud compliance program in the best shape possible.