Security & Compliance for AWS

Continuous monitoring and risk assessment analysis of all AWS accounts, services, and regions

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Built for Modern Environments

The dynamic natures of the cloud requires that we all need to rethink our existing security policies

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Continuous Security Monitoring

Security should never be considered “done,” and this is especially true in continuously delivered pipelines

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Continuous Compliance That’s No Myth

Real-Time Compliance

By monitoring infrastructure continuously and identifying critical risks as they are introduced security & compliance are greatly improved.

Simpler, Faster Reporting

One-button compliance reports document how compliance policies are followed, and eliminate arduous manual compliance assessment.

Complete Visibility

Monitor, test and report on all cloud services and provide an actionable view into all testable compliance checks.

Faster Remediation

Risks are detected and remediated quickly. Because compliance issues are addressed continuously, development teams experience less disruption.

Supported Compliance Benchmarks

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

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Cloud Security Bootcamp: Top 11 AWS Best Practices (to get you CloudFit)

Thursday | August 24, 2017 | 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT Upcoming Webinar

These top eleven best practices were put together by AWS security practitioners with over a decade of combined experience securing large AWS deployments. Many of the best practices are very easy to implement, but often ignored which creates problems when hackers discover your vulnerabilities.

Join us as experts from and Cloud Security Partners coach us through the top eleven most important security practices designed to improve your cloud’s overall security and fitness in the shortest time possible.

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The Six Essentials For DevOps Team Excellence

Innovative enterprises are using the cloud to benefit from agility, ease-of-use, and scalability advantages. It also enables them to build teams that apply continuous integration/continuous deployment methods to deliver applications and functionality faster and greater attention to customer needs. These teams are using DevOps to be more responsive and deliver innovation.

While speed can be a competitive advantage, security must be part of the equation in order to deliver viable products. If security is to become an integral part of an organization’s DevOps culture, the enterprise will need leadership that actively shows it cares about security.

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August 21, 2017

ESP @ Work: Securing an eCommerce Cloud

“ runs regular security scans to see if there is any misconfigured services. It details high/med/low risks in pretty big bold letters. It also gives you ways to remediate those issues, whatever they might be.” – Security Engineer at a Peer-to-Peer eCommerce Platform

August 18, 2017

ESP @ Work: Automating Policy Enforcement at an Online Mortgage Company

“ is helping to transform our [Online Mortgage Processing] Company into a technology company.” – Staff Engineer at Online Mortgage Processing Company