Know & Control

Automated, continuous visibility and control of across multiple clouds, and accounts from a single pane of glass.

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DevOps & SecOps

The work of security needs to be shared across your organization, even beyond DevOps and Security.

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Automate & Enforce

The dynamic nature of the cloud requires automation to keep up with risk discovery and policy enforcement.

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Continuous Compliance That’s No Myth

Real-Time Compliance

By monitoring infrastructure continuously and identifying critical risks as they are introduced security & compliance are greatly improved.

Simpler, Faster Reporting

One-button compliance reports document how compliance policies are followed, and eliminate arduous manual compliance assessment.

Complete Visibility

Monitor, test and report on all cloud services and provide an actionable view into all testable compliance checks.

Faster Remediation

Risks are detected and remediated quickly. Because compliance issues are addressed continuously, development teams experience less disruption.

Supported Compliance Benchmarks

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

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The Six Essentials For DevOps Team Excellence

Innovative enterprises are using the cloud to benefit from agility, ease-of-use, and scalability advantages. It also enables them to build teams that apply continuous integration/continuous deployment methods to deliver applications and functionality faster and greater attention to customer needs. These teams are using DevOps to be more responsive and deliver innovation.

While speed can be a competitive advantage, security must be part of the equation in order to deliver viable products. If security is to become an integral part of an organization’s DevOps culture, the enterprise will need leadership that actively shows it cares about security.

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AWS S3 Bucket Fitness

This year has seen many high profile breaches caused by misconfigured S3 buckets, yet the breaches keep happening. You’d think that users would see these stories about S3 buckets that are open to the world, and take measures to be sure that their own are locked down to avoid becoming the next victim. And, perhaps they do. However, as changes are made to AWS cloud environments, misconfigurations often arise, and your cloud infrastructure begins to drift away from the best practices and original settings. That’s why continuous monitoring of your cloud environments is so important, and every ESP account comes with an AWS S3 Bucket Fitness Report so you can see the state of your S3 bucket security.

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September 21, 2017 Helps Enterprises Reduce Complexity of Securing Multicloud Environments with New Support for Microsoft Azure, the leading provider of public cloud compliance and security solutions, today announced Evident Security Platform (ESP®) support for Microsoft Azure.

September 21, 2017

ESP for Azure: Security for the Modern Enterprise today announced support for Microsft Azure, which extends our cloud security and compliance monitoring to multiple cloud environments.