Simplify Your Shared Responsibility

Organizations make the move to AWS in order to benefit from the public cloud’s scalability, flexibility and cost efficiencies. To utilize IaaS in public cloud for sensitive workloads, they have to be compliant with US regulations—and unfortunately there are limited options. GovCloud is one such solution that provides all the benefits of the public cloud, with the security certifications and requirements that make continuous compliance possible.

Complete Visibility

Get complete visibility across all accounts in the AWS GovCloud Region.

Security Automation

Automate security throughout every stage of development/deployment from test to ATO to production.

Compliance Reporting

Easily produce NIST compliance reports based on results from continuous security monitoring of your GovCloud infrastructure.

Continuous Compliance in GovCloud

100’s of Ways to (Mis)Configure Security

AWS GovCloud is mapped to NIST security controls and has over 400 security measures. This relationship to security governance is good for customers, but means that there are a lot of configurations to monitor in order to ensure continuous compliance as applications and changes are deployed in their GovCloud environment. Security automation is the most efficient way to ensure that infrastructure configurations stay compliant.

Compliance Starts With Good Security

Like the Commercial Cloud regions, customers running in the GovCloud region are responsible for their portion of the security Shared Responsibility Model. A security-first compliance mindset focuses on continuous monitoring and management of security risks and threats like IAM misconfigurations, improper key management, firewall misconfigurations, and many more. Evident Security Platform (ESP) is the only infrastructure security automation platform available in the GovCloud region.

A Clear View of Compliance

ESP automatically and continuously monitors the GovCloud infrastructure, alerts users to any changes that puts the system out of compliance, and can automatically enforce security policies. With the included NIST 800-53 Compliance View, ESP users have one-button compliance reports that indicate pass/fail status for all of the testable infrastructure controls, saving tremendous time and money in validating compliance and providing evidence for auditors.

A Unique Solution for GovCloud

ESP provides visibility across all your AWS accounts and services, and provides additional reporting to help you manage a variety of compliance frameworks including NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, FedRAMP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC2, and others. No other security platform is as comprehensive, and provides you with the same level of flexibility and agility for GovCloud.

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Security Far & Wide

Immediately see what’s happening across all your AWS accounts and services in the GovCloud region.

Automated Policy Enforcement

Automatically enforce security policies and best practices to ensure your environment stays in a compliant state.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring detects changes, alerts you to new potential risks and allows you to see how your security posture changes over time.

Supported Compliance Benchmarks

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark