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We work hard, but we play hard too.

Our company culture is as unique as our products. The average week at might challenge you to build a prototype within an hour of a new capability being born, then race a Ferrari against your boss, and finally learn how to dissect a complex security attack that made the headlines. These might even all happen in the same day. We’re just that kind of shop.

Help Secure the Fortune 5,000,000 to the Fortune 500

This is our daily challenge and it keeps us inspired to work here. We built it that way – is structured to be the type of company we would all want to work at for the rest of our lives. We’re a proud and dedicated team – we all work together to solve difficult but rewarding challenges that face today’s progressive organizations.
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Here’s just a few of the perks that make us a place you look forward to going to every morning:

  • Top notch benefits

    We cover 100% of benefits for you and your family from day one, at no extra cost to you. A healthy employee is a fun employee!

  • Flexible work hours

    We don’t care if you’re a 9-to-5er or get the most done late at night from home. We know you have outside lives that require flexibility, whether it’s for your kid’s recital, a doctor’s appointment, or a can’t-be-missed event. We anticipate that you will need to make time for those aspects of your life. Employee happiness is an important metric here.

  • Investing in you

    We know that people are our greatest asset – looking for training, opportunities to expand your skills, or even professional racecar driving experiences? We’ve got you covered.

At the end of the day, we know our corporate culture is one of our greatest assets, and it shows. We believe in maintaining a diverse, gender-balanced, respectful culture that fosters growth, success, and innovation. Failure is not a bad word here; it’s how you learn and grow. By enabling your ability to learn, experiment, and innovate, we’ve created one of the best cloud companies on the planet to work for – and we’re very proud of that!

Position Location
Computers / Software
Senior Data Viz Engineer — Product Design Pleasanton, California
Senior Software Developer — Core Engineering Pleasanton, California
Sales Development Representative Pleasanton, California
Solutions Engineering
Solutions Architect - Commercial Sales Pleasanton, California

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