AWS Cloud Security That’s Evident

Security That Goes Wide

See what’s happening across all your AWS accounts, regions and services.

Security That Goes Deep

Check your environment against hundreds of customizable security best practices.

Continuous Monitoring

Real-time & continuous monitoring to detect changes as they happen.

Visibility Across Your Entire AWS Environment

While AWS ensures the security of the cloud, you have a responsibility to manage the security of your data and systems in the cloud. Organizations that leverage the AWS cloud must ensure they implement cloud security and compliance best practices that don’t sacrifice their security posture, which requires visibility to monitor and assess risks with ease.

AWS Security Reporting is Siloed

To get a complete view across all your organization’s AWS accounts, regions, and services, AWS requires that you drill into each account individually. And, most AWS and 3rd party tools do not even provide visibility across all your services. Manual review and remediation of affected assets is time-consuming and can’t keep pace with the continual changes that occur in your environment.

Remediation is Expensive and Slow

Traditional security monitoring tools don’t work in the AWS public cloud environment, causing your team to waste time and money if they are using outdated processes and tools. If your team is not using security tools built to handle the fast changes of the cloud, they are likely to always be two steps behind.

Compliance Reporting

Easily produce compliance reports with latest results from continuous security monitoring.

Security Automation

Automate security throughout every stage of the development and deployment process.

Incident Response

AWS Security automation that helps you detect, assess and remediate incidents quickly.

Don’t Let Security Slow Down Delivery

As organizations move further into continuous patterns of development and deployment, implementing continuous security behaviors becomes non-negotiable. But existing security practices don’t always support flexible, rapid iterations and deployment. Organizations can’t afford reputational and financial damage from breaches, so you can’t allow security standards to be compromised just to enable faster development.

Differentiating Real Security Issues from Noise

Discerning true vulnerabilities from infrastructure noise is a big challenge for SecOps team. The API-centric public cloud requires a new way for defenders to protect their environments, but not all cloud and IT teams understand these security nuances. Security automation can help you overcome the knowledge and skills shortfall that exists in every development and IT shop.

Security Automation is Required

By automating your AWS cloud security processes, you can reduce the overall costs and focus more of your attention on growing your business. Evident helps identify, prioritize and remediate risks quickly and continuously, significantly reducing the attack surface, and shortening the critical time gap between vulnerability and remediation.

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