How Customers Benefit from Cloud Compliance

The Evident Security Platform delivers complete, real-time compliance assessment of your entire cloud infrastructure with simple, one-button compliance reports. Organizations who leverage the Evident Security Platform for security and compliance can benefit from financial efficiencies and timeliness, so they can focus attention on other high-value projects.

Complete View

Stakeholders have an easy way to view, monitor and report on the security and compliance of their entire AWS ecosystem.

One-click Reporting

No more spending weeks of interrogating systems to aggregate a compliance report. With one click, you can run a report and then export it in the form needed for auditors, saving money.

Faster Remediation

Because monitoring, assessment, and remediation of the cloud infrastructure risk are all managed from a single platform in real-time, risks are detected and remediated quickly.

Compliance Reporting Here to Stay

The move to the cloud has not removed the requirement that organizations comply with regulatory requirements around access control, encryptions, and data residency and other controls in their IT infrastructure. While CSPs do their part to ensure compliance, it is up to organizations to measure and demonstrate compliance in their systems, and many organizations struggle to do so in this new cloud paradigm.

Audits Are Slow & There’s a Need for More

The dynamic nature of the cloud creates challenges for risk and compliance professionals tasked with measuring and demonstrating adherence to security and privacy controls. The tools they used for traditional systems don’t work. Despite the fact that manual interrogation of the cloud is slow and arduous, many organizations want to increase the frequency of their audits to ensure and demonstrate they are doing their best to remain secure.

Compliance Control Checklist

Continuous Monitoring → Continuous Compliance

Using the continuous security monitoring data collected in the Evident Security Platform and the compliance report views, you eliminate the manual drudgery of compliance assessment. With one button simplicity, you can access the needed compliance report and then spend more time mitigating risks and addressing the gaps that were found.

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

Included in the ESP Compliance Views

We’ve mapped all of the testable security controls to the various standards and provide to you:

  • At-a-glance view of test results by AWS account
  • Scoring per each compliance standard
  • Compliance reports based on latest results from ESP continuous security monitoring
  • Ability to export compliance reports in formats relevant to auditors (CSV, PDF)
  • API capabilities for automated compliance test results
  • 3rd party integrations for ingestion of compliance test results into 3rd party systems
  • Compliance From Start

    Monitoring security throughout the entire development lifecycle ensures compliance from the beginning and avoid expensive changes late in the cycle.

    Reporting Made Easy

    We’ve mapped the security checks to each of the compliance frameworks, so your team can produce reports without needing for specialized knowledge.

    Less Disruption

    Providing auditors read-only access to self-service compliance reports creates a whole new layer of abstraction to protect your operational and development teams from disruption and distraction.

    Supported Compliance Benchmarks

    CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

    CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark