Azure Cloud Security That’s Evident

Security That Goes Wide

See what’s happening across all your Azure subscriptions, regions and services.

Security That Goes Deep

Check your environment against hundreds of customizable security best practices.

Continuous Monitoring

Real-time & continuous monitoring to detect changes as they happen.

Doing Your Part to Secure Your Azure Cloud

A common misconception in cloud migrations is the assumption that when you move to the cloud, the responsibility of securing the environment is solely the responsibility of the Cloud provider. However, end users have a critical role in securing cloud services. While Microsoft Azure manages and maintains security of physical environment, physical components (like servers and routers) and networking, you are responsible for ensuring that you’ve configured the services, patched your systems and take other steps to ensure your data and systems are secure.

Traditional Methods Don’t Work

While Microsoft has streamlined the migration of moving workloads from your datacenter to Azure, there are critical differences in how you configure and monitor security in the cloud. Traditional data center tools don’t work in the API-centric cloud. Getting everyone on your team trained and proficient in Azure security best practices can take time you don’t have.

Adapting Security & Compliance for DevOps

If your organization has adopted or is considering adopting DevOps for continuous development and deployment, you can’t let security slow you down, but you also can’t let security standards slacken. By automating monitoring and management of security and compliance in Azure, you can continue innovating fast while maintaining a strong security posture. Compliance also needs to be addressed with automation, so your team is not burdened with long, manual inspection and testing cycles before audits.

Going Deeper on Azure Security

While Azure Security Center provides some basic security monitoring it’s just a start. Our team has managed security for some of the most complex cloud environments, and we’ve built security and compliance checks into Evident for the edge cases that can create risk and cause you problems. Integrations with third party tools like Sumo Logic, ServiceNow, Slack, Splunk and more mean that Azure security risk alerts get to the right people, fast.

Compliance Reporting

Easily produce compliance reports with latest results from continuous security monitoring.

Security Automation

Automate security throughout every stage of the development and deployment process.

Incident Response

Azure Security automation that helps you detect, assess and remediate incidents quickly.