Do Your Part to be Continually Compliant

Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility, so while AWS or Microsoft Azure manages security of the cloud, you are responsible for security in the cloud. It follows, then, that while you will inherit some HIPAA controls from the cloud infrastructure, you need to do your part to ensure that the software you’ve deployed in the cloud as well as some networking, firewalls and access are in alignment with HIPAA best practices. Managing, measuring and reporting on your environments compliance state can be cumbersome without security automation to help. That’s where Evident and the HIPAA Report can help.


Make Compliance Evident with HIPAA Report

One-click Reporting

Don’t spend weeks interrogating systems to aggregate a compliance report for audits. With one click, you can run a report and export it for auditors.

Faster Remediation

Monitoring, assessment, and remediation of cloud infrastructure risk can all managed in real-time.

Complete View

Stakeholders have an easy way to view, monitor and report on the security and compliance of the entire cloud ecosystem.

Compliant From Day 1

Monitoring security throughout the entire development lifecycle ensures compliance from the beginning and avoid expensive changes late in the cycle.

HIPAA Report Features

ESP Dashboard

Understand Your Compliance State in Real-time

With growing cybersecurity and regulatory pressures, you need to be able to understand the state of compliance quickly and easily. By taking a security-first approach to HIPAA compliance you can be sure that everyone in your organization is following best practices and remediating risks as they arise in the cloud environment. On the Evident dashboard, you see the number of failing checks that need to be addressed to get to a more compliant state.

ESP Report HIPAA Controls

Security Checks Mapped to the HIPAA Controls

Evident will assist you in assessing your cloud accounts against HIPAA controls. To generate the mappings, we leveraged the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to HIPAA Security Rule Crosswalk to create the viable list of controls that map closest to the relevant technical security/risk controls. We’ve eliminated the complicating mapping process for you so you can spend more time remediating risks and adding value in other areas.


Daily Risk Reports

We’ve mapped all of the testable security controls to the relevant Evident security checks to provide you:

  • At-a-glance view of test results by AWS or Azure account
  • Scoring per each compliance framework
  • Compliance reports based on latest results from Evident continuous security monitoring
  • Ability to export compliance reports in formats for auditors or executive management
  • API capabilities for automated compliance test results
  • 3rd party integrations for ingestion of compliance test results into 3rd party systems
  • Supported Compliance Benchmarks

    CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

    CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark