The International Standard

If your organization uses the ISO standards to measure your security, you’ve already taken an important first step to develop and maintain a rigorous security practice for your Cloud. However, measuring and reporting on ISO controls in the Cloud is different than for your traditional data center environments. While Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure maintain ISO 27001 certification, you are responsible for the controls relevant to how you build and manage your infrastructure in the Cloud. With Evident Compliance for ISO 27001, you can simplify visibility and reporting of compliance for your cloud infrastructure.

ISO 27001

Keeping Assets Secure with ISO/IEC Standards

One-click Reporting

Reporting on your compliance stance for AWS and Azure is fast and easy. Make your next audit a breeze.

Speed Remediation

Monitoring, assessment, and remediation of infrastructure risks in your cloud environments are managed from Evident to keep you compliant.

Complete Visibility

Stakeholders get visibility across their entire cloud ecosystem to know where they stand on a continual basis.

Manage the Lifecycle

Monitoring ISO compliance through your entire development lifecycle helps avoid expensive changes late in the cycle.

ISO 27001 Report Features

ESP Dashboard

No More Guessing About Your Compliance State

Considering the fast pace of change across your cloud environments, you need to have a continual snapshot of your compliance stance. From the Evident dashboard, you can see the extent of the controls that are in the red, and click through to the report to start taking action to remediate the risks and get back to your compliant state.

Evident Report ISO 27001 Controls

We’ve Done the Mapping to the ISO Controls

Evident will assist you in assessing your Cloud accounts against a variety of standards. With infrastructure security as your starting point, you can see where you stand against a variety of compliance frameworks. You have complete flexibility to add any or all of your cloud accounts to the Report so that you can measure your compliance improvements over time and on only the accounts that apply.

ISO 27001 PDF

Included in the ISO 27001 Report

We’ve mapped all of the testable security controls to the relevant Evident security checks to provide you:

  • At-a-glance view of test results by cloud account
  • Scoring per each compliance framework
  • Compliance reports based on latest results from Evident continuous security monitoring
  • Ability to export compliance reports in formats for auditors or executive management
  • API capabilities for automated compliance test results
  • 3rd party integrations for ingestion of compliance test results into 3rd party systems
  • Supported Compliance Benchmarks

    CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

    CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark