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Support​ ​Offerings​ ​for​ ​Evident​ ​Security​ ​Platform

We are committed to supporting all of your security and compliance efforts and answering all of your security and compliance questions. Even when your nights and weekends are interrupted by security incidents, our team of Application Support Engineers and Technical Account Managers are here to provide expert service and help your organization successfully apply security and compliance controls with the Evident Security Platform (ESP®).

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Evident Security Platform FAQ

Q: What is the Evident Security Platform (ESP)?
A: The Evident Security Platform is the first and only cloud-native infrastructure security solution providing full coverage of all AWS accounts, services, and regions, in addition to all Azure subscriptions, services and standard regions.

ESP combines the detection and analysis of misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and risk – with guided remediation and audit capabilities to meet compliance requirements – all in one solution. ESP was designed specifically to help modern IT, DevOps and Risk/Compliance teams implement and maintain security within the cloud shared responsibility model.

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ESP Cloud Security & Compliance

The cloud has required us all to rethink security. The Evident Security Platform (ESP®) provides real-time and continuous monitoring and control of your cloud environment so you can detect misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and risks as they arise in your infrastructure, and automate the process of remediation and policy enforcement.

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Compliance in the Cloud

While cloud service providers maintain responsibility for compliance of their cloud offering, enterprises must measure and demonstrate compliance in their systems. Many organizations struggle to do so in this new cloud paradigm. Organizations need to show compliance with regulatory requirements around access control, encryptions, data residency, and other controls in their IT infrastructure.

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Evident Security Platform (ESP) for Federal AWS Clouds

Managing the security and compliance of AWS infrastructure in accordance with guidelines such as DoD SRG, DISA, FISMA, NIST, HIPAA, FedRAMP, etc. can be a significant challenge for federal agencies of all sizes. As mandates, such as Cloud First, accelerate the adoption of cloud computing, agencies are struggling to adapt traditional security frameworks, processes, and skillsets not designed for today’s dynamic and complex cloud architectures. Whereas traditional security solutions ported to the cloud provide visibility and protection at the host level only, today’s modern IT and DevOps teams need cloud-native solutions that provide complete risk visibility and remediation for their entire AWS infrastructure.

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ESP Private SaaS Data Sheet

For federal agencies with highly-secure working environments, highly compliant networks, and strict regulations, using a SaaS-based solution is often prohibited. These restrictions can be due to the sensitivity of information they maintain and the lack of data control in multi-tenancy SaaS environments. The Evident Security Platform Private SaaS (ESP-PSaaS) allows agencies to fully implement the Evident Security Platform as a stand-alone solution, providing full coverage of all AWS accounts, services and regions within their Amazon deployment, including AWS Public, AWS GovCloud or C2S.

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