Webinar: Security Automation for DevOps

The importance of implementing continuous security behaviors becomes non-negotiable as organizations move more deeply into continuous development and deployment modalities.

Cloud environments undergo dramatic changes during deployments, auto-scaling events, and through natural growth. While static data center environments were simple enough to be evaluated by humans, the dynamic nature of cloud environments are too complex to adequately secure without automation. Your operational tools deliver continuous monitoring and alerting — why doesn’t your security suite?

View this webcast to gain a better understanding of:

  • Reasons DevOps is good for security
  • How security can be an enabler for devops
  • Key functions and factors for security automation


  • Alan Shimel – Editor-in-Chief
  • Andrew Storms – VP of Security Services at New Context
  • Theo Kim – Sr. Director SaaS Operations at Jobvite
  • Tim Prendergast – CEO at

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