What is Evident

Evident enables organizations of all sizes to proactively manage cloud security risk — minimizing attack surface and improving overall security posture, all from a single dashboard.

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ESP Dashboard


Ability to assess risk across all AWS and Azure services, and provide a single, aggregated view into all your accounts and regions, even as new regions appear.


The dynamic natures of the cloud requires that we all need to rethink our existing security policies.

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Key Features

Identify & Manage Risks

Identify & Manage Risks

Check your entire cloud infrastructure against our hundreds of signatures/control checks, as well as any custom signatures you’ve defined, to determine if there are any exploitable vulnerabilities.

Customizable Dashboard

Customizable Dashboard

Update the dashboard to get the actionable view into your infrastructure risks that makes sense for you. See risks by team, region, severity, status, signature, or timeframe.

Daily Risk Reports

Daily Risk Reports

A daily email risk summary report is delivered to key stakeholders each day at 9 am (your time) to keep them informed of your security stance and helping to keep your cloud security top of mind.

Detailed Report

Detailed Report of Every Risk

From the report view, your team can see detailed information about the risk including user attribution, affected resources, teams and see all the available alert detail including a code snippet that describes the exact problem.

User Attribution

No More User Attribution Mystery

Evident Monitoring automatically determines who, when and how risks were introduced into your environment, enabling you to identify team members who need more training, or may be posing a threat to your organization.

Guided Remediation

Guided Remediation for Fast Fixes

The risk detail also provides easy-to-follow guided remediation steps you can use to get the infrastructure back to a secure state.

Custom Signatures

Flexible Custom Signatures

Modify one of the standard signatures or create a new check that aligns with your specific security policy.


Speed Response with Integrations

Out-of-the-box integration with leading DevOps tools including Sumo Logic, Splunk, Slack, Jira, PagerDuty and more. REST API integration possible to other tools.

Amazon SNS

Automated Remediation

Using AWS SNS or Azure Event Center, customers can enable automatic remediation before you, or malicious actors, even know there’s an issue or vulnerability.

Third-Party Integration

Evident was architected to support the integration of security and compliance checks into continuous deployment processes through custom API and native integration with popular DevOps tools.

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